About Us

Transairvac International Ltd offer an extensive range of products primarily for high volume low pressure air and gas movement. We have a range of our own products directly aimed at the bulk road tanker market in UK and Europe. We also act as a distributor to transport for supplementary products for the waste water and recycling industry. We have innovated several products into the bulk road transport market including – examples:

. Centrifugal blowers for low pressure pneumatic conveying.

. Trilobe roots type blowers for pneumatic conveying at pressures up to 1 barg.

. Oil Free Contactless compressors for the pressure discharge of road tankers.

. Specialist coolers and filters for air cooling and quality of conveying air used.

. Tier V compliant diesel engine packages for the vacuum tanker market place.

Development and innovation are part of our company philosophy and adaptation to the market place demands keeps us at the forefront in our market sector. This is built on years of industry experience and knowledge as the company has traded for more than 25 years and is well known for the products we have developed.

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