Bellin Progressive Cavity & Rotary Lobe Pumps


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Bellin progressive cavity pumps have been designed for easy, low maintenance: wear parts can easily be replaced on the site. Eccentric screw pumps are heavy duty pumps and they can be used to pump abrasives sludges, viscous products, oils, emulsions etc. Due to the steady non turbulent flow they can also handle shear sensitive products and medium with solids content without breaking up the solids.

The “progressive cavity pumps” are “positive displacement” pumps. The 2 principal parts are the “rotor” (round thread screw) which turns eccentrically inside a fixed rubber part, the “stator” (vulcanized rubber into a steel cylinder) – moving the fluid in a series of cavities along the axis of the pump.

Bellin Rotary Lobe Pumps type “PL” have following features: Compact construction: space saving, Self-priming up to 7-8 mt.; Dry running for short periods; Reversible operation; Easy maintenance – maintenance and cleaning on site: fast opening of the pump because of the possibility of removal of the front inspection cover without disturbing the pump housing or pipe work;

Pump housing can be supplied with hard metal replaceable wearing plates at front and rear; they can be replaced easily on site;

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