Skeletal Trailers

Transairvac are able to provide a wide range of equipment for use in skeletal trailers. We offer a range of centrifugal and PD blowers for rotary valve vehicles.

We offer a range of products which include:

After Air Coolers

After Air Coolers are used where temperature sensitive products are involved and cooled air is a requirement. We supply the AAC 15 and AAC 23.

Bi Lobe Blowers

We are the official distributor in the VR Range of vehicle blowers. Our range includes the VR113. VR142 & VR170.

Tri Lobe Blowers

We offer the TDR blower for use in Powder Tankers. The TDR blower is an excellently manufactured product.

Centrifugal Blowers

For use with rotary valve vehicles, we supply our own Evolution centrifugal blower.

Hydraulic Coolers

Hydraulic coolers are suitable for hydraulic transport applications: used in liquid, powder and vacuum tankers. We also supply the HC14 and HC24 hydraulic oil coolers.

Pressure Line Filters

The PLF150, PLF500, PLF1000 filters have excellent pressure drop characteristics and high dirt holding capacity.

Hi Flow Filters

The Hi Flow is designed for very high flow rates with minimal pressure drop.

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