Aeration Of Waste Water Treatment

Transairvac offers a wide range of equipment for the process of aeration. Low operating cost and minimal operator attention have made us the preferred supplier for water treatment equipment. Many of these products can be used in the most challenging of applications.

Commonly used in wastewater and sewage treatment, we can offer several ranges of air movers; including side channel blowers, bi-lobe and tri-lobe roots blowers. For higher pressures up to 1.6bar(g), we can provide a gamma design bi-lobe blower. All are oil free and can be offered as a package to customer specifications.

We offer a range of products which include:


The diffusers are among the most robust and versatile fine bubble diffusers commercially available. They have been manufactured for 20 years and are a robust, reliable and consistent design. Diffusers

Tri Lobe Roots Blowers

Tri-Lobe is a recent technical progression for roots blowers, available for mobile applications. We offer various roots blowers for use in the aeration process, including the TDR range of Tri-Lobe blowers.

Side Channel Blowers

Used in many projects and applications requiring large volumes of clean, dry air at low pressures.

We offer Mapro side channel blowers, their pressure capacity can be extended giving increased efficiency.

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