Bio Gas Boosters & Compressors

Transairvac have extensive experience and expertise in bio gas applications and custom built gas packages and equipment; having many Gas Compressor installations throughout the UK and Ireland.

We act as agents for ‘Mapro’ compressors, a world leader and specialist in this field. A large range of flows and pressures are available, ATEX certified.

Application (small selection)

  • Anerobic digester mixing
  • Mines gas extraction
  • Landfill gas extraction
  • Standby generator
  • Booster kiln pressure for new high efficiency burners

We offer a range of products which include:

Roots Type Blowers (up to 1bar(g))

We a range of roots type blowers for the UK & Ireland..

Sliding Vane Compressors (up to 4bar(g))

We are also the UK and Ireland distributor for the Mapro range of oil lubricated, sliding vane gas and bio gas

Gas Side Channel Blowers (up to 500mbar(g))

Our gas side channel blowers may be used to extract or compress combustible gases, such as biological gas or
methane gas. Single size centrifugal exhauster, commonly used for landfill gas.

We supply a range of Mapro side channel blowers.

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