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By-Pass Valve F2 Range (BPV)

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Parker F2 piston pump by-pass valve

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An F2 twin pump fitted with a bypass valve can be utilised in applications where the pump is operating constantly i.e. when the pump is driven from the crankshaft through a cardan shaft, or when it is installed on an engine-PTO. In addition, it can be used when, temporarily, one of the two circuits is not required; the power loss is thus reduced as the non-required flow is not forced through lines and ’open center’ valves. • The BPV bypass valve should be disengaged during transportation when the pump is operating constantly and the engine is running at max rpm; the hydraulic system is not sized for the large flow that would otherwise go through it. • The BPV valve connects the outlet and inlet ports of the pump, and only a small oil flow goes through the system and to the reservoir. • The valve is installed directly on top of the pump port surface with ’banjo’ fittings and two cap screws (refer to the split view to the right). • As the BPV valve is symmetrical it can be ’turned 180°’ so as not to interfere with chassis components.The valve can accommodate left hand as well as right hand rotating pumps. • The valve can only be engaged or disengaged (through the 24 or 12 VDC s

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